Personal Coaching Policies & Procedures



RESPONSIBILITIES: As in all professional relationships, both parties have responsibilities.  In Coaching, this is especially important in that much of the value comes from the Client being fully 'present' and aware of their responsibilities, both during the weekly sessions and in-between session, where much of the work is accomplished.  The Coach and Client will work together to maintain focus on responsibilities, values, goals and needs.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All Coaching conversations, written materials, etc. will be held in strict confidence by the Coach.  The Client is welcome to share any aspects of the Coaching experience, respecting that materials shared by the Coach are the property of the Coach and should be shared with full accreditation.

Don on the PhoneWEEKLY PHONE SESSION: 30 Minute pre-scheduled phone sessions will occur each week.  The Client will be held responsible to phone the Coach at the appointed time each week.  If desired, the Client can e-mail an agenda of desired topics prior to the meeting.  Promptness is a requested courtesy, as weekly calls are closely scheduled.

In the event the Client does not phone at the appointed time the Coach will wait 5 minutes and then phone the Client to see if a problem has arisen.  If there is no problem, Client will call the Coach back and proceed with the session.  If the Client is not available to take the call, with no prior arrangement, it will be considered a nonrefundable missed session.

PHONE NUMBERS: Sessions will occur at the same time each week, unless prior arrangements are made.  At the time of scheduling the Client will be given the correct number to call.

EMERGENCIES AND ILLNESSES: If Coach or Client know they will not be able to make a session, 24 hour notice is appreciated, along with a suggested time to reschedule.

E-MAIL: Unlimited e-mail is available and the Client is encouraged to communicate thoughts, successes and accomplishments between sessions.  Should a reply from the Coach be requested, please state that clearly and allow 48 hours for response.

DURATION: An initial three-month commitment is required to see the full benefit from the Coaching experience.  Sessions will continue on a monthly basis thereafter.  A 30-day notice will be provided by Client or Coach should either wish to discontinue.  The 30 days will allow proper closure of the work accomplished.

FEES: All fees will be due and payable in accordance with the contract.  The Coach reserves the right to increase fees, given 30 days notice, but will not increase fees during the initial three month term or more than one time per year.

REQUESTS: A powerful part of our sessions will be that a number of requests will be made of the Client.  The Client will always have 3 options: 1) To accept the request; 2) To negotiate the request; 3) To reject the request.

THE 'DIP': Coaching will be very exciting and productive with the Client experiencing much excitement and many accomplishments.  An expected down-side of the thrill of success is 'The Dip,' which will occur several weeks into the program where there has been so much forward movement that things can't help but become temporarily stagnant, much like the plateau in an exercise program.  The Client is encouraged to anticipate this 'Dip' and make the Coach aware when it happens so work can progress smoothly.

HAVE FUN!: This is a brand-new experience for you and may bring feelings of anxiety simply from its newness.  While this is certainly normal, at the same time try to 'lighten up' and enjoy the fact that you are at the cutting edge of a new form of personal growth and have much to look forward to with excitement and enthusiasm, not fear and trepidation.  Try to see the humor and lightness in the issues we discuss.   Prepare yourself to jump into this new experience with light-hearted expectations!

spacer“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
spacerOur deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
spacerIt is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
spacerAs we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
spacergive other people permission to do the same.
spacerAs we are liberated from our own fear,
spacerOur presence automatically liberates others.”

spacer-Nelson Mandela


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