General Information About Personal Coaching

The Coaching Process



It is a very new field designed to help people who are feeling 'stuck' and wanting more out of life.   Most clients hire a coach because they want more but are not sure just what that would be.  Many clients are procrastinators who particularly put off doing things for themselves because they are too busy taking care of their business or career issues.  Most clients are intelligent, educated, hard-working successful people who need a nudge in the direction of their dreams...  or a kick in the pants...  or a pat on the back.

The actual Coaching process is the essence of simplicity.  All sessions are done on the phone, eliminating much time for travel, parking, etc.  The first step is for the client to fill out a series of forms designed to spark their thinking as to what they want out of the coaching relationship.  Then we meet for two one-hour phone Intake sessions to get to know each other and the process.  Through that I get a better understanding of a client's values, goals, sticking points, and dreams.  If the client wishes, at this point I do a psychic reading to see what this source of insight would suggest as the main topics of focus.  Then the coaching settles down to weekly phone sessions in which we agree on Action points to be done for the next week, or Inquiries, which direct the client to gathering more information from outside sources about a topic or from within themselves, aiming for the time when there will be enough data to make an Action worthwhile.


Coaching is not therapy, but supports the therapeutic process in most cases very well.  Clients in therapy often find this a wonderful tool to actually 'do the work' of therapy.

The therapeutic model typically works from the present back in time to discover the source of emotional or psychological problems.  The Coaching model typically works from here forward in time to help the client move forward in logical progression in areas they have chosen.  Example: Why I'm overweight is a therapy issue.  What can I do this week to lose weight is a Coaching issue.  Why I repeatedly chose unhealthy work environments is a therapy issue.  What is the work I really want to do is a Coaching issue.

In over simplified form then, therapy deals more with WHY, coaching more with HOW.


“I've always considered myself to be a motivated, dynamic, even a successful individual - at least that's how my friends and annual evaluations describe me.  I know how to get things accomplished and make decisions that impact people and finances.  In short, I am doing very well, professionally speaking.  So, why do I need a coach?

Well, let me be entirely honest.  In addition to the above, I can be a world class procrastinator, most of my life revolves around work, and I never seem to have time to do the things I really want to do.  I constantly put off until 'tomorrow' the things that I WANT to do - activities that bring me enjoyment because they relate to my personal values. Frankly, I'd forgotten some of the things I really enjoyed doing because it had been so long since I'd done them.

Working with Don through the intake process and the weekly phone calls has challenged me to examine how I spend my time.  Oddly enough, the way I spend my time is compatible with what I have become accustomed to, not what I would like to do.  As an example, during the intake process, I identified a personal goal to socialize more.  Just a few weeks later, Don listened while I explained that I would not attend a three hour brunch because I was entirely too busy.  Don then pointed out that my decision was totally inconsistent with my goals.  He was right.  We found a way to work out the time and I went to the brunch.  The brunch was great and led to other social opportunities and brought me closer to achieving one of my goals.

It is amazing how easily we lose the balance in our lives without realizing what we've lost.  Without a coach I am not going to regain that balance.  I continue to make the same kinds of mistakes that caused me to lose it.  With the help of a coach, I'm regaining the spiritual, mental and physical balance that I lost and I'm growing personally and professionally too.  What's more important is that once again I am beginning to enjoy the journey!”

spacer -Bobbi


If you believe coaching could be of benefit to you but want more information about your particular situation, let's talk!  I'm happy to tell you more about what is done in a typical session, my experience with your issues, or to give you a sample coaching session to let you really experience the format.  No obligation to chat about this exciting new process designed to help get you where you want to go!

spacer“One friend, one person who is truly understanding,
spacerwho takes the trouble to listen to us as we consider our problem,
spacercan change our whole outlook on the world.”

spacer-Dr. Elton Mayo


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