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That, in a nut shell, is why you should be interested in the visualization process.

I've spent over 30 years studying ancient wisdom from the Tarot, Kaballah, and Huna (Hawaiian mysticism), and they all say the same thing:   It's PICTURES in our mind that create our next reality.   Sadly, many times those pictures are negative and we keep creating the same negative reality.

For decades I've offered a full day workshop teaching hundreds of people to visualize using a Huna technique and now I've put it all on a video so you can view it and follow along any time you want to manifest something new in your life.  Romance?  Career?  Good health?

Begin by watching the short introduction below, and if that intrigues you, go to the "Free Stuff" folder above and you can watch the full first session for free...  and then decide if you want to purchase the whole program.

Happy Manifesting!

Make Something Happen!



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You'll need to be a current client of mine to access the "Clients Only" folder (or bribe me with chocolate), as that's where I keep lots of helpful information I give to my clients as an added bonus.  My famous grape cluster and cube tools are there, as well as chapters from my book.  Access to the above mentioned Visualization Class may be purchased there also.

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