What in the world prepared me to be a psychic?  Nothing!  It was the furthest thing from my mind.  I was born a Double Virgo in a standard (read 'dull') town and family and left at the first opportunity to get a degree in English literature.  I taught in private schools for several years before starting my own real estate company on the Oregon coast.  For the next 20 years I sold dirt!  Very grounded, earthy, practical.

One day in 1978 I signed up for a personal growth seminar and as part of that weekend they taught an afternoon on 'natural knowing.'  We were supposed to believe that by using a particular process one person could get inside another's mind and reveal information.  I sat in the back of the room and snickered at this ridiculous idea and watched as the trainers demonstrated.  It was clear to me it had all been a set up and I was not taken in.  But then they said we would all sit on the floor and 'read' the stranger next to us.  What a joke.

Indeed.  The joke was that I was about to experience the first of several 'Tower' experiences in my life.  For the next hour I sat in front of a woman I had never seen before and told her that her kitchen had a round oak table with 5 chairs around it and a 6th broken in the corner.  I described everything she asked me to in finite detail.  At one point she asked about friends in Seattle, Washington.  “They have a new hobby.  What is it?”  They have a white sailboat with a yellow stripe, I said.  When she gasped that I was correct, I began to tear up.  This was not funny.  She was lying, I hoped!

But she wasn't lying, and for the next 2 years I tried to prove the psychic process wrong.  I read all I could on the subject.  I did 'readings' for friends at cocktail parties.  But when I was unable to finally disprove the process or prove it, I gave into it and with the help of a friend in the metaphysical world, I found a place to use it.  I decided that if I could describe someone's kitchen, perhaps I could describe their career, their health, and their hopes.  And thus began my career as a psychic.

I sold real estate in the morning and did readings in the afternoon; never coming 'out of the closet' to the other group, fearing neither would accept the other part of me.

In 1994 I finally made the move to give up real estate completely and open my office as a full-time psychic.  I opened a counseling office in downtown Portland where I have been ever since.  In 2005 I came back to my senses and reopened my real estate market because of the exciting market in Portland so I am now back to where I started, juggling two very different careers that oddly enough make for a nicely balanced life between the 'real' of real estate and the more ethereal of the counseling!

Along the way I began to study the Tarot through the Builder's of the Adytum correspondence course, and that again changed my life.  For over 20 years I have been a devoted student of the wisdom contained in the card system, and I use the cards in my readings to some degree.  I am not a Tarot 'reader' as such but use them as an adjunct to the readings.

In 1998 I began to hear about the new field of Personal Coaching and soon realized that it held great potential for my clients and me.  My greatest frustration in doing a psychic reading was to reveal important and dramatic information a client longed to make come true, but to then see them leave the reading and be thrown on the streets.  Many people came back months later frustrated that they wanted to make these dreams come true but had not found the way yet.

The Coaching process was a natural way for me to help this type of client define their goals and then in weekly sessions work on daily steps toward attaining their goals.

I took training through the Academy for Coach Training and hung my shingle as a Personal Coach, which has been immensely rewarding for me as well as my clients.


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