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I am a firm believer in the power of mental pictures to lead us to their manifestation.  I've spent over 20 years studying Tarot because it says that pictures rule us.  We live our lives at any moment based on the pictures we have in our mind…  conscious or subconscious mind.  If we want to change any aspect of our life then we must first change the pictures we are operating under.  Below is my mildly famous motorcycle story as a simple illustration of the process.  As for the entire process…  stay tuned…  I'm writing a book on it!

I wanted a motorcycle.  I didn't know how to start looking and didn't have the time, so I decided to visualize for it.  I got clear on the end picture…  me riding on a Honda Shadow 500 on a remote road south of my home, shirtless and very hunky, I might add.  Then I presented the picture to my subconscious, the Huna Lowself…  “Donnie.”  He had three major objections.  Bloody accidents.  The cost: I'll spend money on a bike and then can't pay the mortgage and we'll be living under a bridge.  Mom Won't Like it.  Wow.  Three good reasons not to have a bike.  But I have information that little 9 year old Donnie doesn't have and I need to get him on my side or else he will make sure I never get a bike.

  1. I had two friends in horrible accidents, which he remembers.  What he forgets is that they were both daredevil sorts and they were both on drugs.  I don't drink or use drugs and am a Virgo for God's sake…  very cautious.  I also suggested to Donnie that he 'knows all;' he is aware of everything; he can ride on the handlebars and be my scout to make sure I don't run into anything.  He LOVED that idea.  I engaged him in the very process he was afraid of.  Keep it in mind as a great tool.
  2. Money.  Irrational stuff from Dad.  Don't have the time to do therapy on huge money issues.  I just want a bike!  So again I engage Donnie.  You are so smart and know all, you go find me a bike that is worth more than I pay for it, thus making the bike an 'investment.'  He loves the very word!  If we get in financial trouble we will sell the bike and make money!
  3. Mom won't like it.  Can it be that the 50 year old is still worried about what Mom would think?  Apparently!  Again I engage him.  “We won't tell Mom.  We'll have a secret from Mom.”  Loves it again.

Now the adult part of me has countered the fears of the child part of me and I have him on my side instead of him doing subconscious and subversive things to keep me from having a bike.

10 days later I'm driving through central Washington State in a little farm town and I 'happen' to glance left down a street that has a shop with a Honda sign.  I'm taking my time so I turn left and find it is a farm equipment store.  But as I drive by I see a motorcycle in the store.  I stop and discover they sell Honda Gold Wings, the Airstream of motorcycles in my opinion, so I start to leave.  The owner follows me out and asks what I'm looking for.  A Honda Shadow 500, used.  “Weird…  I have one in the back…  just came in yesterday.”  I look…  it's even the color I want.  But what do they want for it.  I won't pay more than $2000.  They want $1000.  Will they take $900.  He thinks so.

I end with a bike worth about $1800.  A great 'investment.'

Something in me made me go to that town on that one day, made me look left, made me stop.  Some small urging that I listened to.  And that's the point…  once the picture is set in motion, you have to at least be 'aware' and follow your intuition.  I could have been too busy to stop or a 100 other excuses.  Something…  “Donnie…”  made me stop.

Keep the illustration in mind and substitute whatever you want for 'motorcycle.'  Just try the system!


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This exercise is probably the most profound and certainly the most ‘metaphysical’ of all the processes offered here.  The cube has been instrumental in moving me forward in my life more than any other exercise, and it has been equally dramatic in the lives of many of my clients.

Typically we ‘do a cube’ when we feel we have either no options or too many options in a situation.  It is an exercise designed to reveal from the inner most part of our psyche.

My primary study for the past 25 years has been the classic, ancient Tarot, the repository of the western mystical and religious traditions, including those of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  The concepts held within the Tarot are the underpinnings of all those religious systems.   And the most important symbol throughout the Tarot is the cube.   To do justice to the history and theory behind the cube would take another book, but history is not the purpose here.  Action is.  But a brief explanation seems in order.

The cube has 6 equal sides all holding up the cube.  Imagine force being applied from the outside pressing in on all 6 sides equally.  Imagine being inside the cube with all that pressure weighing down.  At the very center of the dark inside of the cube there would be a special convergence of force or accumulation of pressure.  The ancients called that the Rose.  We might simply call it The Solution.  The unfolding rose of insight.   The ancient order of Rosicrucians (Rosy Cross) actually adopted this as their symbol.

Unfolded CubeNotice in the illustration accompanying this information that a cube can be cut open in such a way as to form a cross.  This cross predates Christianity so do not mistake it as a purely Christian symbol, since the Christian cross actually grew out of this more ancient symbol.  The Rosicrucians developed the cross with an unfolding red rose at the crossbeam as their symbol of unfolding insight and wisdom.

We can do the same.

Now to confuse the issue even more, the cube isn’t really a square box at all but is your head!  It is into this cube that you are about to throw many ideas that will rattle around in the cube and rub up against each other until they form a new realization or insight and unfold in your mind just as a rose does.

Perhaps by the time you come to this exercise, you have a fairly clear idea of the area of your life you want to coach yourself.  Perhaps it’s in career, or relationship, or health.  But knowing that this is where you first want to focus your coaching still doesn’t give you the clear idea of what you really want in this arena.  The cube will provide this unfolding clarity if you play the game with it.

Come to the exercise with the area you want to work on clearly in mind.   The first step is to look at that area from six very different positions.  And here is a major aspect of playing this game properly.   These six positions can, and perhaps should, be on the fringe of your thinking.  They do NOT have to be positions you would actually take.  In fact, the point of the entire exercise is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your thinking past the stuck point you are already in.  Remember, no one will know what you write in this exercise, so neither the law nor the church will be coming after you!

On a piece of paper, write one way of looking at this area of your life.   Now write down all the pros and cons you can think of for that position.  You may want to leave room to write more later as they come to mind.

On the top of another piece of paper, write down what you would put on the opposite side of the cube as another view of this situation.  And here is where it can get tricky.  If at all possible, put down an opposing point of view to the opposite side.  Don’t force this issue, but you may see ways of viewing your situation that naturally and logically present opposite view points.  When this happens, put them on opposite sides of the cube.  The point here is to begin developing pressure, or even antagonism between the two viewpoints.  The subconscious works well when pressure is applied!

On this paper also write down all the pros and cons you can think of for this point of view.

Now continue doing this for the other four sides of the cube, trying to put them in two pairs of opposites if possible.  Continue writing the pros and cons of each point of view.

The point of the entire exercise is to bring to mind as many options as you can possibly think of.  And remember, all the pros and cons you write down are really being thrown into the cube…  your head…  where they rub against each other just below consciousness.  The ideas were always there perhaps, available at any time, but now you have brought them to conscious mind in the context of the question at hand, and this is where the ‘magic’ happens.

The magic of the cube is the unfolding of the rose at its center, or in our use, the unfolding insight that you get from the exercise.  You have put down six different possible viewpoints or solutions to your situation, and from that will magically appear another…  the seventh.   The seventh position is the solution or the answer to your situation that comes about from the mixing up or rubbing together of the other six positions.  And the joke in almost all cases is…  IT ISN’T MAGIC.  You will probably find that the solution…  the unfolding wisdom you so longed for…  is a quiet revelation that you knew inside all the time.  And of course, that is the point of the cube.   The answer was not outside of your head, but really inside your head all along.  The exercise simply allowed you to see an answer that was there but never realized in relation to the issue at hand.

The waiting for this revelation can be an exercise in itself! I have seen clients do a cube in my office and gain the insight before they left a session.  I have seen clients and myself take days or even weeks to gain the revelation.  I suggest that while you wait, you actually build a cube.  Draw out a cross on paper, as illustrated, and then cut it out.  Fold it into a cube and tape it together.  Now on each side you can write a word or two that represent one of the positions you took for this situation.   I suggest leaving the cube on your desk or in plain sight somewhere.   The point is to constantly poke at the subconscious mind.  Every time you see the cube, the subconscious is thinking about it.  At some point, most people doing the exercise come to the cube on the desk one day and realize that one or more sides of the cube are no longer options.  This elimination in itself is a process of focusing on the situation.  Hopefully, in short order you will come to your cube and realize that none of the sides is really an option and that a seventh side has revealed itself to you in a quiet, yet profound way.  At this point you have come from your place of confusion to a place of real focus, and then the coaching can begin!

I never knew her name because she came as a visitor with one of my tarot class students.  I’ll call her Elizabeth.  Oddly enough, she came to the class on the Emperor card, which is the class dealing with teaching the cube because the Emperor sits on a granite cube.  After my long explanation of the Emperor card and the meaning of the cube, I asked for someone to volunteer to share a stuck position in their life…  a place where they felt they either had no options or too many options to choose from. Elizabeth almost jokingly offered her stuck position, poor innocent lamb!   She revealed that she was in a horrible marriage to an abusive alcoholic, and that she had absolutely no way to change the situation.   Even with a bit of prodding, she could see not one option for her bad marriage.   Most of the students could be seen rolling their eyes and smiling with that rather pained kind of knowing, uncomfortable laughter.

To get the ball rolling, I suggested to Elizabeth that one option…  one side of the cube…  could be Shoot the Bastard.  That brought great laughter on her part and the other students.  Of course she would not want that.  How ridiculous.  But I persisted.  I suggested that in fact this could be a very viable way to start the discussion, and I reminded her that in doing a cube we always keep in mind the phrase “Not that I’d actually do it.”  This is just a mental exercise to help us see options…  and in fact we don’t intend to do any of the six sides, but hope for the revelation of the seventh side.

With this caveat, Elizabeth felt free to play the game.  She listed several pros for the option of Shoot the Bastard.  “I’d never have to see him again.”  “I wouldn’t have to go through a divorce.”  She then listed several of the cons of this position, such as the obvious moral and legal problems.

We than went to the opposite side of the cube where she put “Stay in the marriage as it is.”  We then listed several pros and cons for that side of the cube.

By the time we did all six sides, we had listed several dozen options which had been thrown into the cube…  i.e. Elizabeth’s head.

And then the magic happened for all the class to see.  We could almost see two or three options collide together in her head to form the unfolding rose of insight, or the seventh solution.

“My mother lives in town and I could go home to her this very night.  I wouldn’t ever have to see or face him again.”

It was the perfect…  and legal…  solution that had eluded her.  She came to the class with absolutely no solution to her situation, and within minutes she came to a realization that was there all along but not conscious to her.  And in fact, the very first option she played with…  Shoot the Bastard…  had provided one side of this new revelation.   She did not have to see him again, and she found a way to attain this position with no jail time!


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This is the simplest and most effective tool I know, and the one I recommend most often to clients as a starting point for the process.  The concept again comes from HUNA, which suggests that around any one desire we may have is a cluster of subordinate desires or pictures.  And here is the main consideration when doing the process: Pictures.  Huna always reminds us that Lowself does not respond to words, teachings, lecturing.  It only responds to pictures, so as you do this exercise, be sure the ‘grapes’ are in visual form.  People often head off to the exercise using concepts like ‘financial security,’ but that is not a visual picture.   Having a vacation cottage at the beach is a picture I can see in my mind, and that implies financial security to me, which is what Lowself is looking for.

You can use this very same process again in Chapter 4 after you know what you want to focus on, but it works well here also when you are in the process of deciding what you want to bring into your life.

On a paper, draw a few circles large enough to write a few words in.   Make sure the circles touch, as grapes would on the vine.  The reason for this is to make a strong message to Lowself that these issues or pictures are all connected.  If you get one of them you get them all!
Grape Cluster Blank
pdf file

Grape Cluster Example
pdf file

Now sit for a moment with the question in mind, What do I most want in life?  You might even close your eyes if you are good at visualizing.   Let pictures come to mind, and try not to sort or qualify or judge them.  Whatever comes to mind put it in a ‘grape’ in visual terms.  These pictures may range from the simple, wanting a new pet, to the profound, seeing yourself owning your own business.  Put them all down.  You may end up with 10, 15, 20 or more.

When you feel you are finished with pictures, sit back and look at the cluster.  Are there themes?  Did you find 5 that had to do with financial success?  Perhaps the majority were about your physical well being?   Were more centered on having a relationship?  At some point you will have a sense of what group has the most meaning for you at this time, and that is where you should direct your attention.  From that cluster, find the one ‘grape’ that is the juiciest.  The one that brings a smile to you perhaps; the one that makes your heart jump a bit.   When you feel you have it, you can sit back and know that this is where you want to begin working.  This is the next issue you want to make manifest in your life.  This is not to say the other ‘grapes’ aren’t important.  They will be brought to manifestation also, but for now you are going to focus on this one exciting picture.

Circle it in the cluster or in some form highlight it from all the rest as the focus of your desires for the next few days at least.

Sara came to my coaching process through a group I coached.  She came to the group with the most enthusiasm, the most energy, but the least amount of focus.  The simple intake forms she had filled out included one called Focus Form, which had 5 lines for 5 areas in which she wanted coaching.  But under each heading she had listed A, B, C, D, resulting in not 5 but now 20 areas for coaching.  When I pointed this out in the group, she smiled eagerly and said, “Oh but that’s not all…  look on the back.”  There, in small handwriting, were at least 40 more things she wanted in her life!

This is not focus, I tried to explain.   This is a dream list, a laundry list, but not a focus list.  When I asked her to focus on just 5 things we could work on at this moment, she was stymied.  “But I want them all!”

Ah.  There’s the rub.

How right she was.  We do want them all.   We humans have no lack of desires, no trouble coming up with pictures of what we want.  But what we do have trouble with is LIMITING those desires.

Focus is elimination.

Focus can only happen when you DON’T focus on all the rest.

Focus can only be single-pointedness of the mind.

To do that you need to bring all the dreams to consciousness so that you can then make a conscious, rational choice of which one you want to focus on now.  And the main concept in this entire process is the NOW.  Timing.  Eliminating the pictures you are not going to focus on at this time does NOT mean you do not want them or are not going to focus on them.  The question is only WHEN you will focus on them.  If you can do this eliminating with Lowself in mind or even actively involved in the process, all the better.   Then Lowself will not feel resentful of not getting all it wants in life.  It will realize it’s just a matter of timing.

As for Sara…  she would probably still say I forced her to do a grape cluster.  I tricked her into it.  I had her do a cluster of all those dozens of wishes but this time in very visual form on the grape cluster.   Then in front of the group I forced her to choose one grape that we would work on that very week.  After several minutes of “Yeah buts…”  she was able to compromise.  “I’ll choose one grape for this week, one for next, and one for the next.”

Fair enough I thought.   It’s a start!


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Here is a sample chapter from my book that includes all of the tools above, as well as additional information and case studies.

Sample Chapter
Sample Chapter.pdf


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